Status: Prototype - Incomplete

This is a simple tool/prototype to generate beautiful 2D game assets featuring beautiful looking potions for game assets.

Common uses:

  • RPG/Fantasy games
  • Card games
  • GUI buttons/widgets
  • Spell/ability trees
  • Loot pickups/awards
  • Tile/Matchmaking puzzle games
  • And much more...

Features to be done:

  • Adjust potion glass/tint color
  • Rotate Bottle
  • Adjust potion liquid color
  • Adjust particle effects color and behavior
  • Adjust bottle types
  • Adjust background color
  • Export high-quality assets in PNG format
  • Export high-quality animated (frame-based) file in PNG format

Why build this tool?

I wanted to have a way to generate custom assets for potions that anyone can benefit from. Furthermore, with all the properties that will be adjustable in the future this will yield thousands/millions of combinations of potions to choose from.

Why pay for assets that look the same as everyone else's when you can have completely custom game assets that YOU designed that are specific to your game!

More potion bottles, more particles, more liquid effects, more coming soon!

Do you like this tool?

The best way to motivate me is to provide comments with why you might want to use this tool. The best ways to enhance and what features are currently missing?

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Made withGodot, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, assets, Fantasy, game, potion


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hoping you're still planning to work on this! As simple as it is, pairing it with things like pixel-art creation programs and pixel-art-to-voxel things could allow for some absolutely awesome renders in MagicaVoxel or even Blender, or just for game assets for whatever engine someone may use! I'd actually love to use this for that very purpose, however it's a tad too simple as-is at this moment for me to do too many interesting things with it, but I do hope you plan to continue with it!



I think this idea does have legs to go somewhere fun! That said, I'm not sure I will continue to develop it at this time but I certainly may come back to it.

Thx for the kind comments.

you're welcome! Even if I would love to see it expanded upon more, I totally understand wanting to work on other things and such as a fellow artist! take care!